Alison Watt

Alison Watt understands the critical link between business and design.  As the owner and principle of Alison Watt Interiors (since 2007), she has combined her education and experience in both Business and Design to create the unique niche of “Branding through Design.”

Alison’s approach is expansive, working from a business’s exteriors to every interior detail.  Based on vigorous and frequent discussions with the owners, she learns about the business and determines how best to make its customers feel valued and impressed.  Selling a brand and gaining consumer confidence takes thoughtful attention to the consistent image they encounter while in the business’s space.  Alison is able to communicate with many professionals and trades people to accomplish the owner’s goals.

Of equal value, Alison focuses on what is needed to create and sustain a high performance work environment for a company’s employees. Providing a positive, pleasing space results in retaining top talentInteriors that encourage physical engagement, mental stimulation and opportunities for collaboration produces a successful workplace and bottom line.

For residential projects, Alison’s approach is similar.  She steps back to consider the whole view and works to thread the home’s elements together.  From outside to inside, the home should make sense and bring pleasure and comfort to those who dwell there.  Working within any budget, projects can be planned, phased and implemented according to the needs of the client.  Alison advises on everything from current trends to classic timelessness and speaks many style languages.  Perhaps best of all, she is able to put people at ease and keep open communication to achieve a home owner’s happy ending.


Branding Through Design

Style Development

Comprehensive Design

Color Schemes

Residential Updating Consultation

Pre-Construction Review of Drawings

Lighting Selection and Plans



Media Center Layout

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Alison Watt